Commercial Real Estate

Rudy Ced

I was born in Dallas, attended high school in Dallas and studied at Texas A&M University,  Member of the Corps of Cadets.  Post college I moved to Carmel, CA and worked at Pebble Beach, specifically Spanish Bay. After a fantastic couple of years in Carmel, I moved back to Dallas.  I’ve worked for others in the wine industry and owned my own wine store and also owned two different cigar stores. I sold Bordeaux wines for the nation’s largest Bordeaux importer, located in Dallas. I also lived in Beirut, Lebanon working in the journalism industry, focusing on breaking news coming out of the MENA region. I spent six years working in the Debt Buying industry, focusing on consumer paper.  Over the years I’ve owned and built multiple investment properties in Dallas.  I’ve bought and sold multiple properties as an investor. I’ve rebuilt/fixed up/torn down multiple properties.  Hunting down a Deal is something I’m familiar with.  I’ve had skin in the game.